_ The Escape Grill Portable Travel Camping Charcoal Barbecue BBQ

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Our exclusively designed portable BBQ, with a 34cm diameter cooking area , allows you to get the real charcoal taste and cooking control for juicy burgers and carefully grilled veggies but in a compact package.
This is the perfect BBQ for your camping and picnic trips. No messing about with disposable kits. This is your grill..with you when you need it.

Although compact, this BBQ can grill, roast and smoke with a lid and controlled air vent.
Product Information:
CONTROLLED COOKING: Featuring an adjustable air flow vent, you can get the charcoal hot quickly but then slow down the heat on demand
LIGHTWEIGHT: only 3.2KG in total, easily allowing you to take it with you to the beach of quiet hideaway
SECURE: We have put lid clips on both sides so you can safely transport the BBQ whilst keeping utensils inside
EASY CLEAN: Removable grill plates, allowing you to wash out the bowl before transportation


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